Monday, November 16, 2009

The Minds of Hungry People

Back again at my first job at King's Bread Inc, another amazing phone call came through.  The mind of this hungry person amazed me.  I have to say though, If I wasn't the one who answered the phone, I wouldn't have believed it.

Phone rings, "King's Bread Inc.  Weston," I answered.  Now put yourself in my shoes when hearing the response I received, "yes.  How far am I from you?"  Assuming she didn't realize what she said, I responded, "We are on 7th street and 8th avenue." (I changed the street numbers).  Again she asked me, now a little frustrated that I didn't give her a time, "yea, I know, but how far is that from where I am?"  I almost burst into laughter at this point and quickly responded, "please hold."  I put the phone on hold and started laughing.  How can I tell her how far she is if she doesn't tell me where she is?

When I finally stopped laughing, I picked up the phone and asked, "well, where are you?"  Wait, wait for the ingenious reple, "I'm at work."

Now how am I supposed to know where she works?  I'm now asking myself if she is serious.  So I asked her, "Where do you work?"  She responded, "I'm not at work, I'm on 595."  (595 is actually I-595 and runs through at leat 4 or 5 cities).  Now I am getting a little frustrated, "mam, where on 959?"  She quickly gave me the exit she was near and I responded, "you are about 10 minutes away."  Quickly responding to my answer, "ok, thank you," click...She just hung up.  Now, and well after she hung up it was duny, well i mean hilarious."

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