Monday, January 18, 2010

Technologically Advanced

This is one of those phone conversations that now makes me think that we are too technologically advanced, but at the same time if you think of it the way we did you will definitely find it funny...Please enjoy, and yes this actually happened.

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the church social hall at St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church with the priest.  We were the only two there at the time because everyone else was in the church for a meeting.  Anyway we talked about many different things.  One of which was that we talked about how we have had some weird conversations on the phone.  Some of mine, I know that you have read or will read in later posts, so I won't spoil those by telling them now.

Anyway, while we were there talking the phone rang in the kitchen.  The priest and I walked over and he answered the phone, introduced himself  and then told him that he called the church.  The man on the other end of the phone asked, "what is the address of the church?"  So the priest gave him the address.  After he gave him the address I walked off toward the kitchen sink and changed a paper towel roll.  Right after I got it up, the priest came over to me and said in a puzzled voice, "that was odd."
Of course I answered, "Why?  What happened?"

"The man asked me for the address to the church."

"Umhum," I replied.

The priest then continued, "so I gave him the address, but right after that he asked me, 'what is the phone number to the church?'"  Just then I burst out laughing.

Now picture this, this guy calls the church and asks for the church's phone number...
"WHAT!?!," I replied, "are you serious?"

The priest continued, "Yes, and I told him, 'you called the church because I am on the phone with you.' He then denied calling the church again saying that he didn't dial the phone and again I said, 'how am I talking to you if you didn't dial the church?'"

Now I am thinking this is hilarious.  Long story short, the priest gave him the number and then they hung up.  If I wasn't there I do not think that I would have believed it.  How can you be on the phone with me and not dial the phone number?  What is funnier is that we were just talking about strange phone calls we have received.

Just after we walked out of the kitchen still laughing about it, my mother just came out of the meeting because it had finished.  After she and the priest talked about what had happened they came to the conclusion that the man had to have called information and had them connect him in order for his statement to hold true.  The whole thing is that most people don't use information any more so the thought never crossed my mind.

"Everything is possible for him who believes."  Matk 9:23

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