Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Continuous Problem

You ever have one of those experiences that seems like it drags on forever and isn't funny until way after the matter is corrected? Well I will tell you that this story is one of those experiences. Take a look at what happened...

We recently switched the phone and internet service we used to another company. My dad stayed home with the man who set up the whole system in the house and I went and ran the shop that day so he could stay home with the man. Here is how that went...

When I got home that evening, my dad told me the man was there hours longer then he expected to be. Finally though, he set it up and left. The very next day, the phones went out for a few minutes. The same thing happened everyday for a week.

I called the company up and spent a while with them on the phone. Finally they agreed to send someone to fix it. The man came while we were finishing breakfast that Sunday morning. He went upstairs and downstairs and upstairs and downstairs, doing what? I have no clue. He managed to tell us that our alarm had been disconnected by the original man who came and did the original set-up. About an hour later we ended up getting the alarm back online and the phones I thought... He did something else and then left. Not 10 minutes after he left, guess what, THE PHONES DIED again. This time they did not go back on. I called the company from my cell and they scheduled someone to comeback within the next 48 hours. The next day I called back and they said that we were still scheduled to receive a visit by the next day. No one came...Mind you now, I had to make sure I was home all day waiting for this repairman to come for now 3 days...and I couldn't leave because I might have missed him.

I called back again, now frustrated, and found out...NO APPOINTMENT HAD BEEN SCHEDULED at all, or it had been canceled. Isn't that just great? So another was set-up. When, again, no one came I called back and found out that the same situation happened all over again. No appointment had been made. Keep in mind that I had received confirmation numbers with each appointment. So I made yet, a third appointment and received a new confirmation number. Finally a supervisor came to repair the problem...again, so I thought. This time we found out that the wiring was done all wrong. In addition to that, inside the house he pulled the main phone line and found that the previous guy left it unplugged when he left (this must have been the last thing that the first man did before he left) which is why it never worked to begin with. This man fixed everything, but it looked like he hot-wired the phone lines. After he left, the phones worked...YAY!...then Guess What?..hahaha the phone line died again! At this point I was very frustrated, but now I laugh at the whole situation.

So again I schedule another appointment so someone else came out. This man knew what he was doing. He stayed until everything worked great and then he left. Thank God for him knowing what he was doing.

I guess was one of those times that my patience was tried...I hope I passed the test... A man's wisdom gives him patience (Proverbs 19:11).



Timberwolf123 said...

Patience can be a hard lesson sometimes but it's usually worth the lesson even when we don't want to take the time to learn it. It sounds like you did everything you could, I'm glad things are finally working.



Anonymous said...

I would've switched back to the previous company. What company is this anyway? Must stay away from them lol.

Dave said...

Yeah, definitely a company to avoid again. I think they owe you at least a couple months free service for all of that hassle.

Oh yeah, and good on you for being patient, too. :)

Sally Lee™ said...

Life does throw us some crazy situations to deal with sometimes. Glad everything turned out okay.

Michael said...

I am switching away from this company after Valentines...Actually since I first wrote this post a couple of months ago (this is a republish), it has gotten worse. I plan to switch very soon.